Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mini Valentine's Day vignette

I've been checking out all the cute Valentine's Day vignettes on all the blogs and I wanted to at least do one or two cute little sump'n sump'ns. I saw this darling Valentine version of the subway art over at eighteen25 and decided it would be perfect. It was easy to print out and frame in this shadowbox frame. Then I printed out a little heart from one of my scrapbooking programs. Last but not least, I put one of my dollar store love birds in a pedestal and surrounded it with rose petals. Not quite the bang I had at Halloween, but I like the little touch of red. Now I must prepare for another round of snow and ice that is expected tomorrow. The fireplace repair guy should be here anytime and hopefully, during this cold snap, I will have a beautiful new ceramic fire!

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